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The JACKSON FASTPITCH ASSOCIATION (JFA) is a non-profit community group dedicated to providing fastpitch softball opportunities for girls of all ages and experience levels. Our organization is dedicated only to fastpitch softball - the only softball played at the high school, collegiate, Olympic, and professional level, and the only softball played by most of the other communities in Stark County. In addition to providing Spring ball teams for all ages 6 to 18, the JFA provides clinics, winter training programs, and group and private lessons. The organization was founded in August of 2000. Each year, 200 - 300 Jackson girls participate and have a fun learning experience.

What are the levels of competition in JFA?
Instructional - entry level (usually our ages 6 - 8)
Roster Ball - recreational level 15 - 25 games per year. April through July.
Travel Ball - high level competition for selected members. 40 - 60 games per season. April through August.

Does my girl have to play year around?
Not at all. Some do but most don't. Girls can select the level of involvement at the level of play. Tryout's are required for travel ball, but there is a level of play for everyone. However, travel teams do play together or practice together most of the year.

Is it dangerous?
No more than slow pitch or boy's baseball. Batters rarely get hit by pitches and even more rarely injured. Good training and safety rules help prevent any serious injuries.

How fast are the pitches?
Instructional - Coach pitch or kid pitch. Focus is on hitting the ball.
Roster ball - from very slow to fairly fast. Usually very hitable. Scores are high in general. Not unusual to score 10 runs.
Travel Ball - the fastest pitching. Pitchers can dominate hitters. Lower scoring games.

How is fast pitch different than slow pitch?
Fast pitch has: base stealing, bunting, sliding, batter runs on dropped third strike - very similar to baseball.
Both sports have run limits per inning, mercy rules, and minimum playing time rules.

Does everybody have to try out?
Instructional teams are for every girl. There are no tryouts.
Roster Teams are separated by age and skill levels. It is a mix of tryouts and blind drafting of new players.
Travel Teams are 100% try outs.

How are teams selected?
JFA teams are selected in a variety of ways: blind drafts, try-outs, coach's selections. It is possible for a girl to play on the same team for several years with the same girls. It is also possible and allowable for a girl to change teams every year if she desires. JFA seeks to arrange groups of girls and coaches who work well together to increase the potential for rapid learning and development.

As an adult, how do I get involved?
Simply call anyone on our board (phone numbers available on the home page). JFA needs adults who care about our community and our children to become involved as coaches, managers, board members, administrators, and fund raisers. EXPERIENCE NOT REQUIRED! The more help we have, the better the program we can deliver to the girls.

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